The Third Angel

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New York Times bestseller
Book Sense Bestseller
Book of the Month Club Main Selection

This stunningly original and magical story follows three women in love with the wrong men. Headstrong Madeline Heller finds herself hopelessly attracted to her sister’s fiancé…Frieda Lewis, a doctor’s daughter who has run off to London, becomes the muse of an ill-fated rock star… and beautiful, reckless Bryn Evans is set to marry an Englishman while she’s secretly obsessed with her ex-husband, a dangerous and love-besotted New Yorker. At the heart of the novel is Lucy Green, who blames herself for a tragic accident she witnessed at the age of twelve in the same London hotel where the others have found themselves. Lucy has spent four decades searching out the Third Angel, the angel on Earth who will renew her faith.

Evoking the worlds of Notting Hill, Kings Road, and Kensington while moving back and forth in time from the 90s, to the 60s, and then to the 50s, The Third Angel charts the unique, alchemical nature of love.


“Alice Hoffman is my favorite writer.”
Jodi Picoult

“The Third Angel is brilliantly crafted, deeply moving, and utterly enchanting. I loved these characters for their complexity, their unpredictability and for the way they showed subtle and shifting nuance in human nature. One of the best things about Alice Hoffman’s writing is that she grounds you in detail and also frees your imagination to soar to places it has never been – often simultaneously. Reading her is immensely satisfying – and addictive!”
Elizabeth Berg

“One of her best…an exceptionally well-structured, beguiling, and affecting triptych of catastrophic love stories….Not only is Hoffman spellbinding in this incandescent fusion of dark romance and penetrating psychic insight, she also opens diverse and compelling worlds, dramatizes the shocks and revelations that forge the self, and reveals the necessity and toll of empathy and kindness. Hoffman has transcended her own genre.”
Donna Seaman, Booklist starred review

“A mesmerizing tale of the human condition….sure to please Hoffman’s fans and win over new readers.”
Library Journal

“Elegant and stunning….Hoffman interweaves the three stories, gazing unerringly into forces that cause some people to self-destruct and others to find inner strength to last a lifetime.”
Publishers Weekly starred review

“The Third Angel places Hoffman at perhaps the pinnacle of her bountiful literary talents.”

“Hoffman makes vivid and new the realization that grace, beauty, and forgiveness can arise out of the most devastating situations.”
Megan Deem, Elle

“Alice Hoffman’s richly layered novel, The Third Angel, is one of her best.”
Susan Straight, More